a&im 3: Customer Service and Everyday Access

Available online!
A tailored workshop to empower visitor-facing staff, such as Front of House, hospitality, box office or reception.


Background on: the Equality Act 2010; Models of Disability; language, attitude and behaviour

Customer Service Awareness Sessions: see a&im 1

What are: visual stories; chill-out spaces; and familiarisation visits

Everyday Access solutions: understanding / maintaining hearing loops and infra-red equipment; accessible toilets; and pre-opening checks

This training includes a mixture of group and individual exercises, and group discussion. It’s a practitioner-led session that takes into account the realities of your workplace environment. The training offers practical advice for relevant department team members.

“I think Trish is so knowledgeable and makes everything clear and easy to understand. Covers so many topics I had a vague knowledge and experience working in theatre inclusivity but I have a much broader understanding now – thank you!”
training participant

Participants each receive a comprehensive pack of resources for ongoing guidance.

“An extremely useful and hands-on breakdown of how we can all be more aware and helpful to include everyone in our events and performances.”
Jordan James, Team Leader, Fairfield Halls

“Thanks for insight into access information – this will equip me with knowledge and knowhow re: equipment etc. when assisting patrons.”
Jennifer Lee-Chang, Visitor Experience Host

Flexible rates

Please contact me to discuss pricing online options. Discounts for smaller venues or community groups are available. I will always work with you to accommodate your budget.

Please take a look at a&im’s learning objectives