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Accessibility in Mind workshop

image shows the grey front page of the a&im 1 workbook with other ages behind
pages from the a&im 1 workbook

This is a comprehensive workshop focussing on keeping accessibility in mind and embedding it across your organisation. It encourages participants to consider access as being much more than having a ramp or a lift in place. It will increase staff confidence and greatly improve customer service through raising awareness, helping your venue or organisation become more accessible to a wider range of visitors.

– The Equality Act 2010, and your duties under the Act
– Customer service awareness ​sessions: assisting people who are Blind or partially sighted, living with Dementia, Deaf or hard of hearing, neurodiverse or with an Autism spectrum condition​
– Everyday low- and no-cost solutions and longer-term access development
– Venue-focussed workbook exercises and step-by-step guidance
– Participant-led venue accessibility assessment (where suitable)
– Detailed resources that can be returned to and added to

image shows workshop participants sitting around a large table, with a video screen at one of the room showing a video about neurodiversity
Participants in the workshop discussing an exercise

The workshop includes a mixture of group and individual exercises, and group discussion throughout, taking into account the realities of your workplace environment. These are practitioner-led workshops, offering practical advice for all service providers including those working in management, front-line, operations, technical, marketing and communication teams. Participants each receive a workbook ​that we work through​ together and​ which also forms a useful resource to go back to, and add to, afterwards.

This workshop highlighted things I should be thinking about and offered practical guidance on how to improve my own personal approach to access and inclusivity, and that of my venue. It was positive and encouraging, with great resources.” 

“Trish’s “Quickfix” solutions were amazing – things that we can immediately implement, which don’t cost us much, but make a difference in increasing the accessibility of our events. I learnt so much and this was super helpful as a starting point for someone previously clueless.”

Flexible rates:

I can offer the above workshop, or bespoke sessions that you can tailor to include all the relevant elements for your organisation.

I can put together sessions to suit your time and budget and based on anything from the comprehensive:  a&im 1: Accessibility in Mind workshop in awareness, inclusivity and everyday accessibility solutions, or the a&im 2: Assisted Performances – workshop, which explores all aspects of the set-up and successful delivery of accessible events, or a&im 3: Customer Service and Everyday Access.

Or cherry-pick from all three!

Please contact me to discuss pricing options. Discounts for smaller venues or community groups are available. I will always work with you to accommodate your budget.

Please take a look at a&im’s learning objectives