a&im 2: Assisted Performances and Accessible Events

Available online!
Do you want to understand more about accessible events such as:

  • Audio Described – including touch tours
  • Captioned
  • British Sign Language
  • Relaxed and Dementia Friendly events – including quiet hours

Or perhaps you would like to expand on what you already offer and develop your audience base?


Assisted / accessible performances and events: what are they; what’s involved; who they may benefit, and how

Setting them up: budgeting and sharing the costs; working with production companies; sourcing and working with service providers

Marketing and audience development: promotion and building your audiences

Processes and protocols: looking after and understanding your equipment; checklists and reminders

Step-by-step guidance for successful event delivery and detailed resources

The option for ongoing support is also available. I can support you via email and phone whilst you develop your services, and with additional face-to-face support available during first event delivery.

“I had no experience of organising assisted performances when becoming Access Champion and found the idea very daunting, with little idea of where to start. However, Access and Inclusivity Matters’ Assisted Performance workbook covers every detail of the process you can imagine. It is clear, easy and enjoyable to read. I can now happily say after using it I have hosted over 12 successful assisted performances. Thank you a&im!”
Jenny, Access Champion at The Bristol Hippodrome 2017

A group of participants walk in pairs down a corridor. One of the pair is practicing how to provide sighted guiding to the other as though they were blind or partially sighted.
Participants learning about sighted guiding

This training includes a mixture of group and individual exercises, and group discussion. It’s a practitioner-led session that takes into account the realities of your workplace environment.

The training offers practical advice for relevant department team members including: management; operations; front-line; technical; marketing and communication teams.

Participants each receive a comprehensive pack of resources for ongoing guidance.

“This was a really useful insight into accessibility for our venue. The detail in the course has made me more confident in dealing with future access performances as part of my job.”
Julia Canavan, Marketing Manager, Fairfield Halls

Flexible rates

Please contact me to discuss pricing and online options. Discounts for smaller venues or community groups are available. I will always work with you to accommodate your budget.

Please take a look at a&im’s learning objectives