freelance access officer services

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Time, and not having enough of it, can be a major obstacle to improving Access, especially if staffing resources are limited too.  So, I can provide a freelance Access Officer service for your venue, centre or organisation. Please note that I will always offer discounted rates for community venues and charity-run organisations so please do ask.

Venue / Centre Accessibility Guide

This is a detailed document that aims to provide all the information a disabled person might need in order to visit you. It covers all areas of your building, and includes photos to illustrate key Access related areas such as entrances and toilet facilities. I can put this document together for you.

Website and Social Media Access information

Creating an easy to find and comprehensive Access section on your website and / or social media platforms is a great way to show you mean business when it comes to Access. I can write this copy for you.

Venue / Centre walk-round Accessibility assessment

If you would like to carry out your own venue walk-round assessment I can join you. I have a handy-to use checklist that we can follow so we don’t miss anything and we can discuss together possible changes or adaptations you could make. Please note this is not the same as an Access Audit, but rather an in-house assessment of your facilities and management strategies and how you can make immediate as well as longer term improvements to both the physical environment and your policies and procedures.

Visual Story

I can create a visual story to assist your visitors who may have a neurodiverse condition such as autism or complex earning disabilities.  These guides help by showing pictures and using simple explanations of what will happen on the day, making your venue more familiar, and therefore helping to reduce anxiety,  ahead of the visit.

One-to-one Access Officer surgery

Sometimes there’s something specific on your to-do list that it would be good to talk through before you get started. Perhaps a new Access project you want to get underway but you’re unsure where to start, or a tricky issue it would be good to talk about before tackling.

Please fill in the form below or contact me direct to discuss any of these options in more detail: